Arhaan's mission to find his missing Lego pieces around the house turns out to be a very frustrating task. His toddler siblings, Muhammed & Sakina are really testing his patience as he runs out of playtime in search for his things. When it's time for Maghrib Prayer, Arhaan finds himself feeling all kinds of mixed up emotions because of the time he just lost. This story is based on true events and is a relatable one for all elder siblings. Sometimes it's hard being the eldest!

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Ibrahim's first hike outdoors proves to be one filled with adventure. Despite his anxiety and nervousness, Ibrahim treks through nature, trusting in Allah for his safety. With the help of his group members Ismael, Fatima & AbuBakr, this hike turns out to be a great learning experience!

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For the Classroom Talent Show, Safiya signs up to showcase her passion for science investigations in front of her whole class. When Haleema, her classmate, makes fun of Safiya's talent, she is determined to prove to Haleema how awesome her science experiments can really be. Safiya faces challenges and self-doubt, but finds ways to overcome these hurdles through Dua and a gentle reminder by her Mama.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced changes in Eid traditions in homes everywhere, especially in Sirru & Nurah's home! When Nurah's Eid gift doesn't get delivered on time, her older sister Sirru, plans to handmake a spectacular  Eid card and gift her sister something from her own art collection. Sirru's generosity and sacrifice helps to make sure Eid is still special for her little sister.

Rahimi fights the urge to complain about his food. He can’t stand eating the leftovers from people’s trash cans, but what other option for food is there for a raccoon? Through Dua and an attitude of gratitude, Rahimi the Raccoon embraces his creativity to make the most stunning food art that he can’t resist eating! This is the origin story for Chef Rahimi...

AbdurRahman, an honest date seller, refuses to cheat when selling dates at the Market Festival hosted by King Ahmed. Amazing things unfold because of his sincerity to be fair and truthful.

Here's a fancy vocabulary word that just means being able to find solutions to people's disagreements. Prince Abdullah takes an important step, as taught from our Sunnah,  and addresses the anger in a situation at the royal palace . Here's a story about addressing anger so that we can get that out of the way in order to solve our conflicts!

A story about an Ostrich who overcomes a fixed mindset about himself. With the help of Haroon the Hippo, Ooby realizes that there's more to him than just his inability to fly!

Zayd & Zaynab have an eventful evening at the Masjid as they face adventure, unpleasantries and indulge in treats! When they meet a peculiar boy Omar, they realize that not everyone has the same understanding of the world as they do . A story that highlights the lens that children see out of, as they interact with those that look differently than them!

Billu Khan, a lonely Tiger, invites the animals to his territory. Billu Khan wants to discuss sharing his land with others. A group of curious animals decide to journey to the Tiger's territory to bring forth their arguments about why each of them are the most deserving of his land. A cheerful ant tags along to meet and greet Billu Khan. A story about an ant who shares a kind gesture and a friendly Salaam with a magnificent tiger.

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