A normal grocery shopping trip turns into something more for Hamza as he finds himself in a very uncomfortable situation regarding toys. Hamza recognizes his positive and negative thoughts in order to correct a mistake he's made. This story aims to create an awareness for Muslim kids about their inner dialogue! Special thanks to @corporatemajilispodcast Host Ali Memon for his voicing of characters.

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In a land far far away, a dinosaur land is seized by an evil T-Rex named Big Rex . A small, yet brave pterodactyl, Izan, steps up to the task of restoring justice in this dinosaur land. He and his pterodactyl friend Aizah, come up with the most unusual plan to drive away Big Rex from their land! This story is about bravery when facing an evil.


Special thanks to @corporatemajilis host Ali Memon for his creative voicing of Big Rex & to Ena Lateef for her dedicated time & help with the voice of Aizah !

When Amani & Ayah have to drop off biryani to their elderly neighbor, Rashid Dada, they learn a valuable lesson about being merciful to those who are less able than them. With freezing temperatures outside, these sisters must push through the bitter cold weather to deliver food in the neighborhood. Often, merciful deeds can bring their own sweet rewards in little ways!
Special thanks to Corporate Majlis podcast host Ali Memon for lending his voice. Also, shout out to Ena Lateef for voicing Amaani.
Thank you both!

Bearjaan takes Beaver Baaji’s favorite blanket to use and cuddle with. When Benyamin Bat sees how devasted Beaver Baaji feels at her blanket being taken, he tries to rush past her feelings by telling her NOT to cry.... but with the help of a heartfelt dua and a helpless cry to Allah, Beaver Baaji is able to overcome an unBEARable confrontation with Bearjaan.

What is a kid to do when plans don't follow through as expected? How does a kid manage feelings of disappointment? Yusuf faces these challenges and learns to accept Allah's plans for us in our day, when things are not in our control. We plan and we plan, but Allah is the best of Planners.

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Yayah & Hawaa are giraffes living in a savannah habitat. These two giraffes face an ant invasion problem. Countless ants have taken over the treetops that they eat from. Now all the leaves they eat have ants crawling all over it! The power of pausing allows them to adopt a gentle approach to their problem. Find out how gentleness can lead to a win-win solution in this story!

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Hedaya & Ruqayyah embark on a mystery mission when they discover a piece of jewelry lying on the playground. They ask around in hopes to return this necklace to its rightful owner. Their mystery mission leads the girls to a unique,  new friendship with the owner of the necklace, Mahnoor and her sweet sister Maryam.

Based on true events and dialogue, this story reflects common conflicts between siblings. When getting ready to leave the house for the park, big brother Hasan tries to rush his 4 year old brother Qasim. Qasim is concerned about a very specific t-shirt he's trying to find and resists being hurried. Things get heated and angry words are exchanged. This story highlights forgiveness towards one another even when emotions are running high. 


Safi the Squirrel has endless options awaiting for him at an ice cream stand at the park. His friends Mustafa & Samah the Squirrel create a marvelous combination of flavors for their ice cream treat, but Safi didn't get the chance to do this because of a grumpy mood that carried on in his day! Fortunately, he has friends that help him  work through this challenge.


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Aminah faces disappointment as she learns that Mama will not be available to help Aminah style her hijab for the aqeeqah party her family is hosting. Baba steps up to the challenge to assist in a task that will require all hands on deck, even big brother Adam gets involved in helping Aminah get ready for their party!


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